Updated Jan 2011

Artful Marketing, LLC, was formed in 2004 by its president, John Wysocki, to offer a variety of marketing-related services under one roof. Our expertise runs the gamut of creating print advertising to corporate identities, publishing guide books to creating artists' websites, and organizing art gallery exhibits to city wide artists' open studios events. If you like the work we've done on the annual Lawrence ArtWalk events, which encompasses all of these creative endeavors, you'll just love what we can do for You!


When it comes to artistic creativity, our president's passion is his photography (resumé). While his fine-art work has garnered many regional awards, his commissioned work in the field of architecture and the wedding industry has appeared in trade and consumer publications.

From designing guide maps to planning and presenting large-scale multi-participant events, our organizational abilities are marked by our meticulous attention to detail and the concerns we have for the needs of vendors and consumers alike.